Welcome. I’m Hans Norden, author of The Root Cause.

You give leaders a best practice solution, and you help them solve ONE symptom ONE time only. You teach them to eliminate the root cause of a systemic problem, and they will solve ALL its symptoms for the rest of their careers.

The Root Cause reflects my professional training in information analysis, change- and project management. As such, it contains a written account of my field tested approach toward understanding how a business system functions as an organic whole, diagnosing its systemic problems, and appreciating what it takes to create Authentic Solutions. And THAT is how I consulted for business leaders in Europe and in the United States on leading mission-critical change initiatives. I guarantee it works every time when adopted correctly.

Endorsement by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith―the world’s top executive coach and the Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World:

Impeccably researched and astoundingly insightful, The Root Cause reveals how to go from ‘putting out fires’ to finding true, lasting solutions. Hans delivers an eye-opening, must-read guide for executives and leaders at any stage of their career. Excellent!

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