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Hans Norden is a Dutch native. Prior to his relocation to the United States, he worked as a senior in-house change management consultant for the ING Group, at their international headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He led and collaborated on multi-million Euro projects for Asset Management, Facilities Management, the Comptroller’s Office, ING Netherlands, and the network of branch offices for The Netherlands and Belgium. Norden received his professional training at NMB Bank and Cap Gemini.

When Norden made his entry into the financial world, times were interesting. The European Options Exchange (EOE) became a mature institution with its own building, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange adopted electronic trading, and there was the stock market crash of 1987, better known as ‘Black Monday’. And, of course, the general public had taken a serious interest in national and international stock market investments, which increased the number of daily transactions and traded volume dramatically.

Consequently, stock market investment became more complex, and the incidence of problems, disputes, and complaints increased exponentially. Norden found himself right then and there when executives wanted to know WHAT happened, HOW did it happen, and WHY. Subsequently, he discovered the world of workflow; the seemingly invisible world of processes, which is responsible for the exchange of information between people, machines, and computer systems. Soon, Norden realized that his affinity for problem solving, and change management was much greater than for any of the business functions themselves; he prefers working on projects over routine business operations.

Projects such as the Euro-conversion―preparing all of Asset Management for transacting business in the Euro instead of the Guilder―and exchanging the computer platform for (debit/credit) card payment systems, made him acutely aware of relationships between means and ends, and cause and effect; perhaps a more elegant way of expressing the concept of ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’. These experiences taught him that Executive Sponsorship for change is of paramount importance to the continual development of business systems.

He also learned that our current level of thinking brought us the challenges we are facing today and that their solution depend on our willingness to explore new levels of thinking. As a result, Norden developed a keen interest in Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s ‘System of Profound Knowledge’, Dr. James Reason’s theories on ‘Human Error’, and the presentations by Col. John R. Boyd USAF on ‘Maneuver Warfare’, including his famous ‘O-O-D-A loop’. In addition, he familiarized himself with the principles of Employee Ownership, and Open Book Management.

Subsequently, Norden became a speaker on the topic of systemic problems and creating Authentic Solutions. He wrote a paper on CEO Effectiveness, which he presented at the International Deming Research Seminar at Fordham University, New York City, NY in March 2011. In February 2014, he spoke at an international conference―‘Boyd for Business and Innovation’―that he organized at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), Rady School of Management, in cooperation with its Center for Executive Development. This unique conference attracted an audience from three continents. Other engagements include presentations for Vistage International Coaching group, the School for Business Administration of the University of San Diego (USD), American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), and The Institute for Management Accountants (IAM). Norden was also a frequent guest speaker on Catalyst Business (Internet) Radio.

Currently, Hans Norden is the principal and owner of Anticipated Outcome, a boutique provider of change leadership services to forward thinking business leaders. Services include consulting, coaching, training, speaking, and writing.


His organic approach to business structure and how it relates to business outcomes has been jolting and exhilarating. That Hans is inspiring is an understatement. We’ve enjoyed working with him tremendously.

―Marie McFarland
Principal, American Wave Machines, Inc.

Hans asked things that forced me to think through what was important for my business’ strategic direction. As a result of his coaching, I was able to clarify my priorities and how to proceed in the next two years.

―Deborah Brooks Pettry, PhD.
Associates for Creative Leadership, Inc.

It was obvious that your thought-provoking insights combined with superb, easy-to-understand anecdotes and visual aids, left an indelible mark on the participants.

―Dean B. Kernus, CPA, CFP®
Seidman Private Client Wealth Management Advisors

Your field of human behavior and its consequences is vitally important to the continued civility if not survival of our society.

―James R. McClellan, CFP
Sr.VP. The McClellan McCann Group

Rarely, in my eleven years as a Rotarian, have I heard anyone talk about the Foundation with the feeling and conviction of Hans Norden. His commitment to the South African project benefiting children orphaned by the Aids epidemic is inspirational.

―Daryl McFarland
Shadowridge Vista Rotary Club

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