The Root Cause

Rethink Your Approach To Solving Stubborn Enterprise-Wide Problems


            New levels of thinking—relationships, patterns, and principles other than the current dominant level of thinking—are not hard or difficult but DIFFERENT. What is HARD is overcoming one’s RESISTANCE TO CHANGE; showing a willingness to consider the possibility their might be a different way to solving stubborn enterprise-wide problems.

            Characteristic of enterprise-wide problems is their INHERENT nature to a business system’s Design, Structure or Organization, Operation or Implementation, Maintenance, and Management. Hence, investing in newer, better, more efficient, or greatly advanced versions of the same operational measures that created these stubborn enterprise-wide problems in the first place IS the DEFINITION OF INSANITY.

Need for Business System Redesign

            Therefore, solutions to stubborn enterprise-wide problems must be found in business system redesign; making changes to the system’s Design, Structure or Organization, Operation or Implementation, Maintenance, and Management. Note that these tasks are EXCLUSIVE executive responsibilities because no one else possesses the necessary and sufficient authority to approve such far-reaching changes.

            This is where the rubber meets the road . . . are you as executive WILLING to change your level of thinking? Are you WILLING to explore alternatives? Are you WILLING to temporarily suspend your disbelieve and judgement? Your good intentions are not cutting it!

Supporting One’s Career

            Why would executives show a willingness to change their level of thinking? Because failing to solve stubborn enterprise-wide problems with alacrity indicates one has fallen victim to The Peter Principle—having reached one’s level of incompetence with the last promotion.

            Different levels of thinking are no secrets; they’re readily available and have been for decades. They’re just not part and parcel of the regular educational curriculum, which emphasizes highly analytic and specialized KNOWLEDGE—the WHAT and HOW.

            New levels of thinking, on the other hand, emphasize UNDERSTANDING—the WHY, or relationships, patterns and principles that explain and predict outcomes or results. Understanding is about SYNTHESIS of knowledge, which Napoleon Hill described in hit famous book Think and Grow Rich “The Missing Link in all in all systems of education known to civilization today”, and that was written in 1937!

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