The Root Cause

Rethink Your Approach To Solving Stubborn Enterprise-Wide Problems

IT’S TIME . . . . .

We’ve all read the books, we’ve all seen the quotes, and we’ve all shared those quotes on social media, so we should all know by now:

    • Nothing changes until we change.

    • Be the change you want to see in this world.

    • Freedom lies on the other side of the wall we built all by ourselves.

IT’S TIME for leaders to give themselves permission to think independently, to think critically.

IT’S TIME to question assumptions and best practices.

IT’S TIME to ponder What-If questions, and venture into the unknown saying to yourself, suppose there is another way.

IT’S TIME to break The Culture of Mediocrity, which is predicated on the existence of a reward system. This culture confers esteem upon those whose behavior satisfies a group’s most cherished values, and stigma on those whose behavior sharply deviates from group values.

Creativity, innovation, and solving stubborn systemic problems are made impossible by an insistence on obeisance to those most cherished values, beliefs, dogma, ideologies, and best practices. This is a proven method for creating entropy—energy that is temporarily not available. In other words, when people are disengaged, when their minds are elsewhere, and when they perceive their job as just a pay check, counting the hours and days till the weekend, vacation, and retirement.

Everything you want for your business—transformation, development, growth, quality, competitive advantage, you name it—starts in your own mind. Keep in mind, you can only perceive what you believe to be true. So, what DO you believe about your business? Why are you in business? What’s the purpose of your business? Why would anyone do business with you? How effective are your business processes? What are they capable of doing? What’s the gap between how you intent those processes to perform and their actual outcomes?

IT’S TIME. If you want help answering these questions, contact


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