The Root Cause

Rethink Your Approach To Solving Stubborn Enterprise-Wide Problems


Have you ever wondered how much THOUGHT went into the creation of Nike’s slogan “Just Do It”?

Do you realize that THOUGHT made the Wright brothers succeed where their contemporaries failed? No wonder; THOUGHT is the cause in any cause and effect relationship.

Who is not looking for answers to their perplexing questions? However, living in a world of instant gratification, only a few people use CRITICAL THOUGHT as a creative process to develop AUTHENTIC SOLUTIONS. There is no such thing as an instant-solution; solving past mistakes, errors, and violations, once-and-for-all, in the blink of an eye, without your involvement, for less than a thousand dollars.

Are you aware of the difference between analytic thought and synthetic thought? Then, stop and think to realize how rare synthetic thinking is among leaders in all aspects of our lives, and in business in particular!

The Wright brothers created THOUGHT processes that are known today as Aeronautics. They gathered the best practices from around the world but rejected their validity because their own experiments and careful measurements could not corroborate the outcomes as predicted by those best practices. Does that sound familiar?

Where their contemporaries went the trial-and-error route of building a flying machine and then fly it in order to test it, the Wrights went the scientific route. They analyzed the problem―formulated the questions to which they needed to find an answer―and synthesized their knowledge of physics and mathematics with their wit and ingenuity to develop a step-by-step process for discovery of the principles of flight. Two days before their epic first flight, they just knew instinctively and telegraphed home “Success Assured”!

Stubborn Systemic Problems

Are you perplexed by stubborn systemic problems of eroding profit margins, competitive advantage, employee engagement, creativity, innovation, and many similar ones?

Imagine yourself THINKING towards the creation of Authentic Solutions. Imagine the pure joy and elation you’ll experience when synthesizing the knowledge and expertise you already possess to the point where you just know in your gut: Success Assured!

That is why I wrote The Root Cause, to share with you my thought processes that resulted in the creation of countless Authentic Solutions in exciting change- and project-initiatives.

Looking forward to starting a dialogue with you today . . . . .







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