The Root Cause

Rethink Your Approach To Solving Stubborn Enterprise-Wide Problems

Wanna Talk Chutzpah . . . . . ?

TREATING people like they are a liability, thus looking left and right for opportunities to reduce their pay and benefits, opposing unionization and collective bargaining, and replacing them through investments in technology or by outsourcing their jobs to foreign workers in low-wage countries.

And then . . . . .

LAMENTING that remaining employees are disloyal when they’re actively looking for better working conditions and compensation for their skills elsewhere, while treating their job just as a pay-check, thereby creating the so-called war-for talent, which not only increases the overall cost of labor, but also reduces productivity due to more waste, re-work, and warranty claims.


□    People who are disengaged from their work generate entropy—frustration and job dissatisfaction consume energy that is no longer available for doing their job.

□    Entropy can be dissipated by improving working conditions or by employee turnover—firing or resignations.

□    What goes around comes around, a.k.a. karma, or the law of Cause and Effect. If you don’t like the Effect, change the CAUSE—your decision that resulted in unintended and unwanted outcomes such as the war-for-talent.

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