The Root Cause

Rethink Your Approach To Solving Stubborn Enterprise-Wide Problems

Hans Norden

This Is Business! What About Morality?

Have you ever wondered why the exhortation “This Is Business!” should be an acceptable and definitive justification for a decision that undermines a business’ structural integrity? Typically, these decisions involves implementation of operational efficiency measures such as making employees redundant while demanding fewer people to carry the same work load sometimes even without getting paid […]

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CREATIVITY- Freedom to Pursue Your Sense of Quality

Every day of the week, you can attend a conference, workshop, seminar, webinar, peer coaching group, or read business books, -journals, -articles, and LinkedIn posts. What they all have in common is the offering of solutions that promise to make you a more successful leader. Apart from sharing non-tangible best practices, these meetings and reading

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THE HERO CEO – Master of Two Worlds

The premise of The Root Cause is that failure to understand business system complexity and the disruptive nature of events undermine CEO EffectivenessTM. Complexity refers to the fact that these networks of business functions, –processes, interfaces, and technological tools―are intricately interconnected and dependent upon each other. In order to justify the ever increasing cost of operating

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Yes, I wrote the manuscript for a book titled “CEO Adventure”; it took me a while, but its ready for publishing! However . . . . . The first publisher who acquired the manuscript went belly-up before publishing, and the second reneged on our contract. Then, I asked renowned author Bo Burlingham for advice. He

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